Business Account Repair (BAR)

company phone repair account

Companies Phones Repair

We are making easier for the companies now to get your bulk phones from repaired, this is how it works. Create an account with us, once account is created and accepted by our accounts team then you will be able to post your phones to us directly via our DHL next day delivery prepaid service. Once the devices are received it will be diagnose by our expert engineers. Once the fault is found you will receive a quote via email, prices will be 20% cheaper than actual price listed on the website. Once you are agreed with the price, we will get the devices repaired within 24 hours and get that dispatch to you via DHL. You will have 30 days to pay, no interest charged. All prices given will be inclusive of VAT.

phone shop owner account

Are you a phone shop owner?

Then you have come to the right place, here how it works We can be your repair centre by providing all your marketing details. You can ask your customers to send their device to us directly. We will then repair the customers device. After repair, we will return the device back to the customer via 24 hour recorded delivery, if you have your leaflet we can put your company details with the parcel. Ralakde covers the 12 months warranty, any problem in future you have no headache, we take care of the rest, including customer service and after sales support. Repair charges will be added to your account. And you have 30 days to pay the bill. You can also send us the bulk repair for the customers, we will repair it within 24 hours and return it to you, and while we got the customers phone you can also pass our contact details to customers to contact us about any issues regarding their repair. We can be your customer service.

phone recycling company account

Are you a phone recycling company?

If your company have more than 100 pcs of phones repairing every week, we can do it, we have capability to repair up to 1000pcs of phones a week. You will also get a special pricing to repair those quantities. Please contact one of our sale team at / 01782 563377 to discuss more in detail.

Phone insurance company account

Are you a phone insurance company?

Follow these steps: Create an account with us. When you receive a complaint from your customer about their faulty device, pass our information to them with your account number. When customer will contact us, we will send them a postage label. Once the device is received, we will repair it within 24 hours. Device will be returned to customers 24 hours tracked service. Customers also get 12 months free repair warranty, so you have nothing to worry about. Repair charges will be added to your account, and you have 30 days to pay the balance.

Benefits of dealing with us

Free customer support will be given to the customers lifetime once they dealt with us. 12 months warranty on the repairs. Postage and repairs can be customised to keep your brand. Hassle free return policy for faulty repairs. Complaints from the customers can be diverted directly to us, so that you can concentrate on your sales. 24 hours repair and return service. Well-equipped repair centre with all the high tech repairing instruments, anti-static environment.

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