Tablets Repair
“Technology succeeds us”
…and we understand your needs. We in Official Phone Repair services comprehend the value of the latest IT services. Tablets are the modern equipment we need on a daily basis in our lives.
“But machines are machines”
…and no matter what or how impeccable the device is, at some extent it needs manual support. Especially when it comes to servicing, maintenance and repairing.
Here, at this point, you may need our help & we are happy to help you!
Tablets are common now-a-days and are generally used as the substitute of the PCs and computers as they come in handy, portable and widely versatile. The adept technicians of Official Phone Repair services have specialized in refurbishing Tablets, irrespective of brand, model and version. Furthermore, our forte lies in the skillful handling of all kinds of issues regarding the faulty parts of the tablets.
The workshops that are led by the proficient engineers are entirely arrayed in order to detect errors and indulge in repairing the electronic parts. We ensure you to return your equipment in a full-fledged working mode after being scrutinized and serviced in our custom built rigs.
We are assertive about bringing out the best from your apparently problematic device and we have the capability to carry out a large number of repairs at the same time. We boast of the fact that we have the ability to balance between the corporate and public demands and never retreat or neglect our liabilities.
Corporate vs. Public
We view both of them as our valued clients who rely on us and we respect their decision of choosing us in the first place.
Tablets now-a-days have taken a very momentous place in human life. They resemble the mini version of the computers, a more sleek and slimmer one. Tablet computers hoard a good connection within an organization, exactly what the corporate people need.
What we provide to the corporate people?
 Excellent services involving the analysis of delinquencies
 Troubleshooting as soon as possible
 Impeccable relationship & bonding
 Trustworthy customer care services
 Quick response and problem fixing
 Reasonable charge
 Free warranty of 12 months
The corporate industry demands enthusiasm and swiftness. Time and connection are valuable things to them and we do understand their alacrity.
Why public rely on us?
We comprehend the eagerness and we value your opinion. We assure of being reliable and our customers, either individuals or groups, know of our kinship.
What do we take care of?
 Broken glass replacement
 Keypad changing
 Motherboard fixing
 Resolving audio & charging issues
 Broken digitizers and LCDs
 Fixing water damage problem
Tablets we repair
 Sony
 Toshiba
 Google
 Amazon
 Samsung
 Asus
 Motorola
 Blackberry
 iPad
 Lenovo
 LG
 Dell
 HP