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  1. LCD Replacement Motorola G5

    Your device repair will be carried out by our expert engineers who has experience in the repair industry for more than 10 years. They have also completed more than 10,000 devices. We give you quality assurance, not happy with the quality of repair, 100% money back guarantee or a free repair. To repair your devices, it normally takes 30 minutes. We have No Fix No Fee Policy. Here at Ralakde Phones we don't just do LCD or glass repair, we repair your gadgets at the component level. To do such kind of mother board work we use special tools like Microscope, BGA rework station, reballing rework station, laminating machine, Ultra sonic cleaner, chip program transfer and many more.

    LCD Replacement Motorola G5
  2. Diagnostic Service Motorola G5

    Sometimes you may not be sure about the problem that your mobile phone is facing. Even after sending it for repair you do not get expected results. If you are facing such problem then you can get diagnostic service for your phone.

    Diagnostic Service Motorola G5
  3. Battery Replacement Motorola G5

    If the performance of the battery is not good, or the battery is only lasting couple of hours then this is the repair you could purchase. The battery has a limited life span and got be replaced to avoid any further damage to the phone.

    Battery Replacement Motorola G5
  4. Water Damage Repair Service Motorola G5

    When your mobile phone fell into water or any other liquid, it may stop performing. To make it work like before book a liquid damage repair service with us and send the mobile through post to us.

    Water Damage Repair Service Motorola G5
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Motorola G5

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