After the initial repair we will attempt re-repair twice on your device. Even after this if your device is still faulty, we will issue you refund after deducting the postage costs. Prior to issuing the refund we need to see you’re mobile and ensure that it is faulty. However, it does not include water damage and diagnostic related repairs.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee:

We provide our customer with 14 day money back guarantee with all our refurbished phones. You can return it back the device to us within these 14 days if you are not satisfied with the device. The count of 14 days starts from the day when the customer receives the device. If the item is repaired or exchanged in the meantime, the 14 days is not started again. If you want you can replace the mobile phone within 30 days from which you receive the mobile, after that you can only send it back to us for repairs.

If you have check out a phone from Ralakde and had a repair within the repair time frame the you get the 14 day money back guarantee on the phone purchased after repairing the phone. In the meantime you will be charged £9.99 as rental charge and will be considered as phone rental.