Unlocking Services


How long does it take to unlock a phone?

3 simple steps to get your phone unlocked

  1. Select the service you required
  2. Check your model
  3. Enter your IMEI Number ( dial *#06# on your phone)

And follow the on screen procedure to unlock your device.

  • Select service options and the phone type you have

    Dial *#06# to get the IMEI number, or you could go to settings and about device. 


For the order form above you will need your IMEI number. The best and safest way to obtain your IMEI number is to type *#06# into your phone’s handset which will then display a 15 digit number which you can then copy in the box provided.

This order is to purchase a Blacklist/Barred/Blocked Check.

This Blacklist/Barred check will tell you whether your phone is blocked/barred. It will also tell you if the phone has been blocked or barred and which Carrier network has blocked it and the date it was blacklisted.

Blocked results will be provided to the you via email within 1-12 hours. During office hours this will be reduced to an approximate time frame of 3-6 hours or less. If your results is not provided or cannot be done for you for any reason you will reason a full refund.

The blocked status will be emailed to you on the email address you supply above.

Thank you for your custom.

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