What does Ralakde Phones warranty covers?

What Warranty Covers
At Ralakde we believe in providing high quality service to our customers and thus take care while repairing your mobile phones and tablets. Confident of our services we give you warranty of 12 months on majority of repairs done at our end.
We provide warranty on both all mobile phones and tablets repairs as well as on the recycled phones sold by us.
Here you will find what is included in our warranty and what is not covered. While you book any repair with us ensure that you have read about the description of the repair and other terms and conditions to understand whether such repair falls under our 12 months warranty or not.
Warranty related to repairs
When you repair any device from us, our warranty will cover
• If the part(s) provided by us while repairing your phone or tablet, becomes faulty within the time period that we have mentioned as warranty period. The warranty period may vary depending upon the type of repair provided by us.
• If you find your device faulty within the warranty period that is because of poor workmanship. We ensure that all services done by us is by experts however if there is clear cut poor workmanship, we will take the responsibility.
• If your device gets lost while in transit we will replace your mobile for another mobile that is like your mobile. We do not provide a new mobile phone in such case.
Our warranty will not cover your device under the following circumstances
• If the device has been taken to any third party, our warranty becomes void.
• If we find that there is evidence of any accidental damage on those parts that were replaced by us.
• If the repair where the problem has aroused is not done by our technicians.
• If the problem arises after the expiry of the warranty period
• If the device is opened by any other person.
• Any liquid damage repairs, software repair are also not included under our warranty.
• If the damage is caused due to misuse. You may have to provide relevant evidence that the phone or tablet is not misused.
Although we try to take care about your data while we repair your mobile phone or tablet, there may be loss of data. Hence, we suggest you to take proper back up of your data before you send your mobile phone or tablet to us.