What experts have to say about the iPhone 12?

Although finding faults in iPhones is quite a challenging task, there are certain areas which have the scope for improvement, similar being the case with newly launched iPhone 12. The following article will help in highlighting as to what the tech experts feel about iPhone 12 and its features. Ever since the first iPhone model was launched way back in 2007, the high end mobile and its features have traveled quite a long way.

Expert’s Opinion About iPhone 12

iPhone has been dominating the mobile market segment quite successfully, thanks to its pricing and functionality. Compared to the first iPhone which was launched in 2007, the screen and camera quality of iPhone 12 have witnessed drastic modifications and upgrading. Currently, iPhone 12 is the only mobile device in the entire world, which has the capacity to capture 10-bit Dolby Vision video footage.

iPhone 12 Smartphone

Gone are the days when iPhone or other smart phones for that matter were used only for calling, messaging and texting purposes. Nowadays, mobile devices are used by people for connecting with their friends and families, irrespective of any part of the world they live in.

Coming back to iPhone 12, which is Apple’s flagship device launched in 2020, the features have managed to advance a notch higher. The most obvious change in iPhone 12 device is its getup which has been reprised to a great extent as compared to the looks of the device seen 10 years back.

Apart from the external appearance of iPhone 12, there are various internal changes in the device’s hardware and software too. The new A14 Bionic chipset, which is a six-core SoC, installed in the latest version of iPhone makes its speed 50% faster than A12 Bionic chipset seen in earlier versions of Apple’s iPhone devices. Also, 5nm processor in Apple iPhone 12 is the world’s first processor seen in this device.

As compared to the earlier versions, iPhone 12 is lighter in weight and compact in size, despite having the same display size. Also, thanks to “Ceramic Shield” glass screen and tougher rear glass, iPhone 12 is durable and break resistant. iPhone 12 comes with a “Super Retina XDR” Amoled screen which offers sharper pictures and higher resolution as compared to Liquid Retina IPS LCD screen seen in earlier versions of iPhone.

Wireless Charger of iPhone12

As far as camera quality of iPhone 12 is concerned, experts feel that there is vast improvement for capturing images and 10-bit Dolby Vision HDR videos, in spite of the device consisting of three lenses as in earlier models. Apart from the designing part of iPhone 12, manufacturers are also offering wireless charger and accessories with ability to snap magnetically to the rear of the device. 5G support only adds to the charm of this high end device.

Here’s looking at some of the pros and cons of iPhone 12, from the experts’ point of view.


10-bit Dolby Vision video capture
5G enabled, first time in any iPhone
Thinner and lighter than iPhone 11


No high refresh rate display Average battery life